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Increasing Sales Through Text Messaging

Now more than ever, companies are rapidly changing their methods of communication in terms of how, when, and what they send to their customers. The anticipated result of text message marketing, just as any other marketing strategy, is to see high ROI.. By using text message marketing, your sales can grow quickly, and you will see returns on investment in no time.

Maximizing the Text Messaging Market

SMS (short message service) is an evolving means of communication for companies and their customers. It’s fast, simple, and the most effective way to reach the masses and has become quintessential in the cannabis industry. Text message marketing is our bread and butter, so we know the ins and outs on how to see your ROI grow exponentially.

It is important to find ways to connect with customers other than sending standard text messages.

You want to show your customers how much their valued.. Creativity in your text message marketing campaigns will help relate to your customers on a deeper level, leaving them satisfied and coming back for more.

There are several instances where you can simply touch base with your customers, keeping them informed and engaged with your business.

  • Holidays and special events

  • New arrivals or collaborations

  • Loyalty rewards

  • Engaging content

  • When you miss a customer!

In the cannabis industry especially, getting in touch with your customers as promptly and seamlessly as possible is crucial. In today’s age of media and technology, the cellphone dominates. So imagine being able to control your marketing campaign, expand business, and connect with your customers, directly to their cell phone?

Communication After the First Transaction

Communication between company and consumer after the first transaction is crucial when talking about customer loyalty. We want customers to have our brand in the back of their minds.n order to do so we need to communicate with them on a personal level. Text message marketing makes a great way for companies to let their customers know their business is appreciated and you hope to see them again soon.

Remembering Your Customers

You might be thinking, how can I stay in touch with all my customers and make them feel valued? Well it’s quite simple, through text message marketing making your customers feel appreciated has never been easier. There are a couple of instances where you might want to make your customers feel a bit more welcomed.

  • Birthdays: Nothing more personal than giving your customer something special their day!

  • Milestones after being consumers for certain periods of time.

  • When customers have not interacted with your business in some time: You always want to see your customers coming back, let them know you miss them by sending rewards and rewards and messages to help keep them engaged. .

Catering to Customer Needs

Text message marketing allows for a wide variety of communication methods when connecting with customers. You have the ability to monitor all the data coming from text message marketing campaigns, and through the data you can start to see some of the needs and wants of your customers. One of the easiest ways to do so can be through surveys, a text message with a link provided giving your customers a quick and easy way to connect with you.

For example, customers typically have a sense of “brand loyalty” when shopping. Sending your customers a message with a short survey you can see which brands your customers prefer compared to others. With that information, you can see growth in your business by having products from brands that you know are in demand.

Taking Advantage of Your Surroundings

In today’s age of wicked fast technology and several different marketing platforms to choose from, it may be hard to truly feel that you are getting the full attention of your customers, but it doesn't have to be this way. . Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram play a key role in the area of customer relationship management (CRM).

Utilizing those online platforms to promote your business. through creative posts and personalized customer interactions in regards to the specific content, marketplaces and groups, and to promote brand awareness.

Having these other outlets for your customers to feel more connected to your business will keep them engaged and at the top of their list when looking to purchase products. Particularly with SMS marketing campaigns, these texts serve as a second set of reminders, especially when accompanied by enticing rewards and offers.

Personalizing Your Campaign and Growing Your Business

The focal point of this discussion about text message marketing campaigns has been personalization. Building and maintaining close relationships with customers, giving them an outlet to buy, discuss, and engage with products and services are key factors. What it all boils down to is knowing when to reach out to your customers. Making your customers feel important and not just like another ordinary shopper is what will set you apart from other companies in the long run when counting on having a loyalty customer base

For example, if your company plans on releasing a new product, hosting a sale or special event, or something of that nature you will want to send them a text notifying them what you have to offer. As research shows, roughly 80% of smartphone users check their device within their first fifteen minutes of waking up, sending out a personalized message to your patrons first thing in the morning is a very simple and effortless marketing tactic.

Now, your business is on the forefront of their mind to start their day, hopefully leading to them buying your product. Keeping your customers updated in real time goes a long way when looking to maintain relationships.

The Sky's the Limit

All in all, you are in charge of your own campaign and can make the exact specifications to how you would like things to be done. The options are endless and your goals can be limitless. Text messaging campaigns have the ability to take your business to next level faster and easier.


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